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Forever Mine by Elizabeth Reyes: Featuring an interview with the author!

My Rating: 4/5 Stars 
Forever Mine follows the story of Sarah, whose mother is in trouble with the law. She has to move to California to live with her cousin Valerie and her aunt. While she is there, she meets Angel, the youngest of the Moreno Brothers. They grow closer over the weeks, and soon enough make an agreement that they will be exclusive with each other.
The problem?
1. Sarah is planning on moving back to Arizona at the end of the semester.
2. Angel doesn't believe that guys and girls can be just friends.
3. Sydney, Sarah's best friend, is a guy.
4. Angel doesn't know that Sydney is a guy.
As the story moves on, Sarah plots on how she should let Angel know that Sydney is a guy, but the timing never seems right...and this develops into a major problem for her.
I liked the book, although at some points, things seemed a bit too clean, like that Sarah's aunt is almost never in the book except for the fact that that is where she is staying. Also, you will read reviews that say that this book doesn't have good editing. I will say that while it doesn't have the best editing in the world, it isn't hard to read by any means... Just let yourself get into the story, and you will enjoy this book.
Interview with Elizabeth Reyes

IR: Hello, Elizabeth. How would you describe your life in eight words or less?
Elizabeth: I am now living my dream. Yay! =)
IR: What’s your greatest regret?
Elizabeth: I have a few. When it comes to my writing. First off that I didn't do this sooner. Forever Mine was half written since I was high school and it sat in an envelope for YEARS before I decided to finish. Also I wish I had been able to afford a professional editor for the first two books. I've since gone back and re-edited both but it cost me a few "would've been 5 stars but omitted because of editing." Rest assured I will NEVER release another book that is not professionally edited. LESSON LEARNED. =)
IR: What’s your greatest achievement?
Elizabeth: Aside from surviving (so far) raising teens you mean? I'd say not giving up on the dream. A dream that up until a few years ago I truly believed to be just that. Nothing more than a dream. Now I wake up every morning I do what I love to do best. Write.
IR: How would you explain your personality?
Elizabeth: I've always easily gotten along with ALL personalities. I was that one person that understood both sides. While in school and at many different jobs I was the neutral girl who got along with all cliques. I've always had friends that I had to keep apart. I think that's why I can relate so well to all my characters, no matter how different they all are.
IR: If you could have one book to read for the rest of your life, which book would it be?
Elizabeth: I'm dating myself here, but "Are you there God, its me Margaret." was my all time favorite growing up. I read it so many times and me and my friends still refer back to it. It's a huge part of preteen years and one of the reasons I fell in love with reading. I love you Judy Blume!
IR: Do you have a sentence of advice for new writers?
Elizabeth: If it's truly what you love to do, never give up. Period.
IR: If you could have any author’s career, other than your own, whose would it be?
Elizabeth: Stephanie Meyer immediately comes to mind. Though she's taken a lot of flack, she's written books with characters she believed in and obviously loved because she continued to write an entire series. She's also sittin pretty and probably laughing all the way to the bank at all the haters. =)
IR: What was it that made you decide to self-publish?
Elizabeth: When I was finally finished with Forever Mine I just knew I wanted the world to to read about Angel and Sarah and the whole gang. Quite frankly, I'd heard so many stories of rejection letters and query letter nightmares. I have a hard enough time writing blurbs. I didn't have the patience, so this seemed like my best option.
IR: Did you ever try to publish Forever Mine traditionally?
Elizabeth: Nope never. Again I don't have the patience.
IR: Do you think that you will ever try to publish traditionally?
Elizabeth: No I really don't. I love the freedom of setting my own deadlines that I may or may not meet without the pressure. I really think it would effect my writing if I didn't have the freedom I have now. But never say never. Anything can happen right?
IR: Which do you think would be easier—self-publishing, or traditional publishing?
Elizabeth: My first instinct is to say self-publishing, but it hasn't been easy, let me tell you. Forever Mine has been published since September of last year 2010. It wasn't until May of this year that it really began to get noticed. Fortunately it was right around the time I released Always Been Mine so the timing was sweet for both books. But I'd still have to say self-publishing with a lot of determination and and perseverance is probably easier than trying to convince a publisher to take a chance on you.
IR: Do you hold a regular job other than writing?
Elizabeth: No fortunately I'm a full time stay home mother so I have more time than most to write.
IR: You found the beginning of Forever Mine, which you had written in high school, in a box in your home. What was it that prompted you to continue the story?
Elizabeth: Going back to read after so many years, I'd honestly forgotten the details so I really got into it then I left myself hanging. I just NEEDED to know what happened next so I decided it HAD to be written. And I'm so glad I did.
IR: How much of the beginning of Forever Mine is the same as it was when you found it?
Elizabeth: Almost exactly. The ending it's what is really different. When I decided to finish it, the ending was completely different. Then I went back to work and shelved it once again for another 2 years but my gut told me that was not the ending it deserved so when I left my job to stay home I went back and rewrote the entire ending, adding an additional 10 chapters!
IR: Are any of your characters based on real-life people?
Elizabeth: Some of the personality quirks and phrases absolutely. My husband is the middle of three brothers, though the series is in no way based on them. I started it way before I met him but I do take a lot of different personalities from A LOT of the people in my life and mesh them all together.
IR: What can readers expect for the rest of the series?
Elizabeth: Change. I hate being predictable and don't want to write the same story over and over so each story will be significantly different plot wise. I'm a little nervous about Romero. He's VERY different from the Moreno's and the language will be much more harsh. But there is NO WAY, I can stay true to his character without writing it that way. I think some of my readers might be doing a lot of cringing when they read his story. I was equally nervous when writing Always Been Mine about the sex, but again there was NO WAY to leave it out. Not with those two. lol And with Sofie, I hope I did enough foreshadowing for my readers to know she's not as naive and innocent as her brothers want to believe. ;)
IR: Thank you so much for answering these questions, and being featured for my blog opening!
Elizabeth: Thanks so much for featuring me on your blog and I wish much success with it! I only hope I get invited back in the future! =)


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